Application research of multi-stage recommendation algorithm in campus trading platform

Published in Information Recording Materials 2021


With the development of the Internet, people’s shopping mode has changed a lot, and online shopping has become a common transaction mode. In the university campus, the flea market near graduation is crowded, an endless stream of people, indicating that the campus second-hand trading has a vast market. On the other hand, online second-hand shopping platforms can help buyers find the goods they need more quickly and provide more accurate selling service platforms for sellers. As this system is mainly prepared for students at school, it can be used for offline trading, which solves the pain points of “Xianyu” and other platforms such as long distance, long sales cycle and low security. This system takes multi-stage recommendation algorithm as the core, so that users can find the required products more conveniently. At the same time, natural language processing technology is added to improve the user search experience. This project is based on the form of wechat mini program and background management system.

In Information Recording Materials